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Chilli Cranberries

Chilli Cranberries

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Why Chilli Cranberries is better than the rest?

 Looking for a healthy snack that satisfies both sweet and spicy cravings at once? Try True Elements Chilli Cranberries! Tanginess from the cranberries and spiciness from the 100% natural spices makes this an unmissable hit for every snacking occasion. This product contains cranberries blended with spicy chillies. It has features like:

  • 90% cranberries plus spices
  • Anytime snack
  • Rich in vitamins C and E
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • No false promises or claims

This savoury snack has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties which provide multiple benefits. Top these delicious delights on your breakfast cereals, ice cream, etc to add a spicy tangy twist and enhance their taste. 

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