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Healthy Nuts And Berries Mix

Healthy Nuts And Berries Mix

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Why Healthy Nuts And Berries Mix is better than the rest?

 Make snacking time fun & guilt-free with True Elements Healthy Nuts & Berries Mix! A filling & portable snack which will give your tongue a burst of different flavours. Enjoy the sweetness of dried dates, perfectly dry roasted almonds, and the tanginess of cranberries & apricots along with crunchy dry roasted seeds, all together in a mix to give you the perfect mouth-watering, guilt-free snack. The nutrient-dense ingredients will provide you with essential vitamins & minerals like zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, and B Complex vitamins.

This premium assortment of fibre & protein-rich Nuts & Berries will give you multiple health benefits while satisfying your hunger pangs.

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