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Jowar Flakes - Antioxidants Rich

Jowar Flakes - Antioxidants Rich

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Why Jowar Flakes - Antioxidants Rich is better than the rest?

 True Elements Jowar Flakes is a rich breakfast cereal that is enhanced with raw honey to meet your sweet savoury requirements all at once! Jowar Flakes contain 3 times more fibre than regular corn flakes, meeting about 48% of the daily requirement of your body. It is a brilliant alternative for wheat as it is naturally gluten-free. It is made with 75% jowar flakes, 20% raw honey and 5% almonds, making it a super-nutritious cereal. The crunchy and sweet combination tastes amazing with warm milk & gives a boost of energy!

  • We are 100% wholegrain- certified by US Council
  • Made of 75% jowar flakes
  • No added refined sugar, just raw honey
  • Baked for a crunchy texture
  • No false promises or claims

As it’s naturally gluten-free it’s good for celiac patients. The flakes are rich in fibre which makes them easy to digest and is light on the stomach. A bowl of jowar flakes keeps you full for a longer period of time thus good for weight management. As it has nuts and honey, it helps in various vitamins and minerals which gives a kickstart to your mornings. Enjoy it with milk or honey as a wholesome breakfast.

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