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Millet Upma

Millet Upma

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Why Millet Upma is better than the rest?

 Most of the available Upma mixes have semolina / rawa (which contains gluten) & are low in healthy millets. True Elements Millet Upma Mix is 100% gluten-free i.e Semolina free & only contains healthy millets like Jowar, Ragi, Bajra & Foxtail, along with colourful veggies & Indian spices. This makes our upma a nutritious, power-packed & energy-boosting tasty breakfast. This mix has features like:

  • 100% Healthy ingredients
  • Rich in Protein Made with millets
  • Easy to Make
  • No false promises or claims

Being gluten-free, this mix is healthy for celiac people and is easy to digest. It is also very easy and quick to cook, so you can enjoy it anytime! Eat it as breakfast or have it in the evenings.

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