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Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala

Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala

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Why Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala is better than the rest?

 Is Poha your favourite breakfast? Poha is made up of rice which contains carbs. If that is the reason you have stopped enjoying the delicious poha, this one's for you!

True Elements Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala can be your next go-to breakfast if you are a Poha lover! Dalia is also known as broken wheat or samba rava and in India, it is used in recipes like Khichdi and upma. Our Multigrain Dalia is low in carbs due to the presence of whole grain Jowar flakes. So it's just your traditional Poha or masala rice but with a healthy edge of wholegrain and Indorian Spices! It has features like:

  • 100% Healthy ingredients
  • Includes tasty Indorian spices
  • Easy to Make
  • No false promises or claims

This Dalia Masala mix is easy to prepare and has many health benefits. Being made from jowar,bajra and rolled oats, it's easy to digest and good for weight management. Made with Indian spices, it makes a perfect dish for you and your family.

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