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Multigrain Dosa Mix

Multigrain Dosa Mix

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Why Multigrain Dosa Mix is better than the rest?

 Dosa Mixes in the market are indeed a saviour when it comes to satisfying instant hunger pangs, but are they really healthy for you?

Keeping our health-conscious customers in mind we decided to make a Baking soda free Dosa Mix that is made with Oats, Jowar, Urad Dal & Rice flour for you to enjoy without worrying about your gut health.

True Elements Multigrain Dosa Mix helps you cook a delectable meal in No Time! It has no artificial rising agent like baking powder or soda - instead, we used Lotus seeds. This dosa mix has features like:

  • Made with millets and dals
  • Easy to cook
  • Rich in Protein No maida, No added sugar
  • No false promises or claims

This Dosa mix is healthy as it has all the good ingredients with no maida and no baking powder. It's 100% natural with no preservatives. This dosa can be a perfect healthy meal for dinner.  This easy to make dosa mix is tasty, healthy and perfect for you and your family.

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