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Mysore Millet Dosa Mix

Mysore Millet Dosa Mix

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Why Mysore Millet Dosa Mix is better than the rest?

 Looking for a quick breakfast fix? Try our all-new Mysore Millet Dosa! Made from the goodness of millets like Kodo, Little and Jowar along with traditional grains like Rice and Pulse Black gram dal with flavourful seasonings of Chilli powder, Curry leaves, Asafoetida & more. If you need a quick fix dosa with a side dish, This mix has ADDED CHUTNEY POWDER. This mix is a rich source of fibre & protein. We do not use baking soda or baking powder in our Dosa Mix. Instead, we use lotus seeds as the aerating agent. The prepared dosas on their own are full of flavours and do not require additional chutney to be prepared. These can be eaten anytime during the day. Since the batter does not require fermentation, you can now enjoy crispy & tasty Dosa quickly & without any hassle!

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