Peanut Butter Jaggery Combo (350gm*Pack of 2)

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About the Product

Feel Full for Longer: Upgrade the power of 1 bread/roti with our Peanut Butter (Jaggery). Peanut butter (Jaggery) is a quick breakfast that is rich in Fibre which helps you power through your mornings until lunchtime without the need to stop for munching. Since it is high in protein, this can be consumed as a pre/post workout snack. Make smoothies, oatmeal, cookies, energy balls & more for long lasting fullness!

No Whey Protein: 19g of Protein but without Whey Protein! If you are not a fan of adding Whey Protein to your diet, this Peanut Butter is for you. We use ONLY slow roasted peanuts which is a natural source of protein with added jaggery that adds a subtle sweet note to balance out any bitterness from the nuts.

Made With Slow roasted Peanuts: Made with premium quality peanuts, this classic creation will make you feel like you're indulging in a delicious snack. Our slow roasted peanuts come together to help create an irresistible texture and flavor that is both cozy and comforting

100% Natural Peanut Butter: If you open our Peanut butter jar & there is a thin liquid layer lying on top of the peanut butter, don't worry! This is a completely natural thing to happen for unstabilized, natural peanut butter! This is a sign that we do use any unhealthy ingredient in our peanut butter. Unlike regular peanut butter which combines peanuts with a mixture of added salt, sugar, vegetable oil, emulsifiers & preservatives, our Peanut butter is made of just 2 ingredients - peanuts & jaggery!

No Emulsifier or preservatives: Unlike other brands, we don't use any emulsifiers or preservatives in our Peanut butter - just peanuts & jaggery (natural sugar).

No added oil or vegetable fat: Our premium quality peanut butter is made with slow-roasted peanuts for amazing flavor, without any added palm oil or vegetable fat. This nutrient-packed snack is perfect for picking me up throughout the day, with the addition of traditional jaggery to give you an energy boost. 

  • Manufacturer Address : Survey No.254, Gram Panchayat - Jambe, Village - Hinjewadi, Maharashtra, 411057
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Generic Name : Peanut Butter Jaggery 
  • Manufactured By : HW Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Shelf Life : 12 Months


    Peanuts (80%), Jaggery Powder (20%), Rosemary Extract.

    How to Use:


    You can spread Peanut Butter Jaggery on bread/fruit slices or make a classic Peanut Butter sandwich or add a spoonful to your shakes/porridges/overnight oats or simply make healthy delicious desserts.

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