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Raw Kalonji Seeds

Raw Kalonji Seeds

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Kalonji Seeds are known for their tempting flavour & beautiful aroma it adds to dishes, but not many know this herbal spice is a powerhouse of vital nutrients & has various medical properties. Kalonji Seeds (Also known as Nigella Seeds or Black Cumin Seeds) are a rich source of Protein, Fibre & Antioxidants. These seeds can help control blood sugar levels which can be beneficial for diabetes control. Having these protein-rich seeds with water on an empty stomach may help in weight loss. Being rich in antioxidants can provide you with multiple beauty benefits.

Our seeds are 100% Natural, uniformly sized & of premium quality. They are mechanically as well as manually cleaned & packed hygienically into pouches. There are no added dyes or colours & these versatile seeds can be consumed in many ways. They can be added to dishes, mixed with honey or water and also can be eaten raw.

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